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Have you or a loved one recently received a life threatening or complex medical diagnosis? Have you been searching for answers on your own and finding too much or too little data? Do you find yourself wishing you had someone to help you make sense of all the information you’ve gathered?

Your physician is your first source of information about your diagnosis, however they have limited time to spend with you. They cannot explain all the medical literature and options that may be available to you.   You’re faced with the task of finding answers to all your questions by yourself, without the help of a medical professional. 

Patient Advantage is here to help.

Understanding your condition is key to playing an active role in your own healthcare. You and your loved ones will be making decisions that will affect your health and your overall satisfaction with your healthcare experience.  Engaging in a search for personal medical research is the easiest and quickest way to access the information you need. However, doing the research independently when you’re dealing with excessive stress and conflicting emotions during a health crisis can be counterproductive - wasting valuable time and producing questionable results.

The Search Is On

An intensive search for information is often the jumping off point when a diagnosis of a complex illness or serious medical condition is received.  Which is also what often what patients and their loved ones end up with – information, with no means to make sense of it.  The internet, our family and friends and helpful strangers will provide an enormous amount of information. 

How are you to know which advice will be helpful and what could do more harm than good?

Patient Advantage provides the answers.  We can give you the knowledge, understanding and peace of mind that you and your loved ones need to play an active role in the course of your treatment.

After a serious medical diagnosis time is precious.  Patient Advantage understands this, which is why we have developed a way to give you all the relevant information you need, condensed into an easy to read format. A medical professional will go through your medical research report with you in real time and answer any questions you may have.

Patient Advantage will find the correct health information for you quickly and accurately.  Our professionally trained medical researchers gather pertinent information in an objective environment, free from emotional and professional bias. You’ll obtain all the information that you need to make an informed decision that is right for you.

Knowledge is Key

There is a major difference between having access to information and knowing how to use it to your best advantage. When you reach out to us at Patient Advantage, we know you’re more than just a generic diagnosis.

To fully understand your current issues, we conduct an interview with you before we start our search to find out the details of your diagnosis as well as any questions you or your loved ones may have.  Your medical report will be tailored to fit your exact diagnosis and answer questions you’ve asked us to explore and ones you didn’t know you needed the answers to. 

Our reports include sections on:

o             Anatomy and Physiology

o             Disease Process

o             Disease Causing Factors

o             Diagnosis

o             Risk Factors

o             Treatment & Prevention

o             Alternative Therapies

o             Prognosis

o             Complications

o             Specialists and Centers of Excellence

o             Current Research

o             Clinical Trials

o             Patient Resources - Support Groups, etc.


The completed report will be sent to you and you will be given time to review it. Then one of our Nurse Advocates will initiate a video conference to go through the report with you answering any questions you may have.  This meeting with your Nurse Advocate will occur at a time that is convenient for you and your Nurse Advocate. Your friends and family members are welcome to be with you during this session, so they may be better informed care givers and have their own questions answered.

Coping with a Serious Illness

Patient Advantage has its roots as a patient advocacy firm.  What this means is that our Nurse Advocates can act as your health care liaison. Their duties can include acting as an intermediary with your doctors, hospitals and insurers to make sure that you’re getting the best care in the most streamlined and efficient manner possible.  They can also act as a communication hub for your friends and family, helping you and your loved ones traverse this difficult time in all your lives. 

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Our Nurse Advocates will become your champion, fighting for you at every step of your journey.  They will act as your friend, listening to the problems you face and offering constructive ideas or an ear that knows how to listen.  They will also be a source of comfort and strength with a relationship built on trust, friendship and mutual understanding. Many of our clients form bonds with their Nurse Advocates and credit them in helping to create better health outcomes.  You will ultimately determine what choices are best for you.  Your Nurse Advocate will act as a trained advisor helping you achieve your goals and guiding you through the labyrinth of our healthcare system.

We Can Help

Through the services provided by our Nurse Advocates, you will fully understand each aspect of your illness and every path forward that is available to you.

Our Nurse Advocates can help in a variety of different ways.  They can meet with you and your loved ones to discuss any issues or concerns you may have regarding your current healthcare issues.  Our nurse can also accompany you to your appointments with your physician and ask pertinent questions to help you gain more relevant information. The Nurse Advocate will listen carefully to all your physician has to say, taking notes so they can later relay this information back to you and your loved ones.  Afterwards, they can discuss what the physician is recommending and how best you can implement these suggestions.

If you wish, your Nurse Advocate will help you set up appointment for testing, lab tests, referrals to other specialists and will make sure that your primary care provider receives all your test results in a timely manner.  They can act as your bullet train to success.

Nurse Advocate services include:

o   Helping you communicate your questions more effectively to your physician.

o   Going over your physicians’ instructions with you.

o   Coordinating care by securing transportation, making referral appointments, and follow up appointments.

o   Making sure your physician receives your test results in a timely manner.

o   Communicating to your physician what your experience has been during the healthcare process.

o   Acting as a communication hub for your loved ones, even those who live out of town.

o   Answering any questions you may have concerning the nature of your illness.

These are just some of the services our team of Nurse Advocates can provide to you as they guide you through your journey.

When Can We Start?

Reach out to Patient Advantage today.  Give us some of your basic background information and permission to start gathering data about your medical history and diagnosis.   Speak with one of our Nurse Advocates to discuss your questions and any issues you’ve been experiencing.  Allow us to begin working with your physicians and health care facilities to make sure you’re getting all the information you need, so that you may make informed decisions about your healthcare.

As soon as you contact us, we begin working on your behalf.  Why wait? Our first consultation is free.

Contact us today.


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