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  • Turnkey Operation and Delivery
    • Patient Advantage's integrated programs do not require any work on the part of the client. User materials, instructions, and reporting are built into the software platform. Client initiated programs can be added to the software program as well.
    • Our team of professionals will meet with you and your client to tailor the delivery of programs to suit your client's specific needs.
  • Cost Containment and ROI
    • Health cost containment is predictable and measurable using the Health Attitude Screen (copyright 2019) to identify the employees who are most likely to have a preventable catastrophe, or a high dollar claim the Patient Advantage Challenge )copyright 2018) to improve the culture of health of the client.
    • ROI realized in hard claims was $5.00 returned for every $1.00 spent.
  • Client Satisfaction
    • References and Endorsements from past clients are available upon request.
  • Employee Satisfaction
    • Survey results show that employees are universally accepting and satisfied with the services provided by our nurse advocates.
  • State of the Art Web Platform
    • SaaS is the way of the future. Our web portal is designed to be available through any mobile device, so that the services can reach employees and their families wherever they are or whenever they choose to access the services, even if they don't have a computer.
      • Employee control over changing password and contact information.
      • Unlimited capacity to add new programs, change existing ones, or delete old ones.
      • Text and video explanations of each program so that employees find these programs easy to access.
      • Unlimited capacity for employees to enter program data with or without the help of Nurse Advocates
      • Program use accumulators for allowing tr4acking of points towards incentives or rewards for healthy behaviors.
  • Staffed by RNs who are certified in Health Coaching
    • All Nurse Advocates have obtained their certified status with the most accepted national accrediting agency - ACE (American Council on Exercise)
  • Flexibility that allows our services to be tailored to exactly your Client's needs
    • Onsite Services
    • Telephone / Video Health Coaching
    • Nurse Advocate instruction and presence on the web platform, designed to foster a personal relationship with the client's employees.
    • Customization of platform programs.

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