For Individuals

When facing a serious diagnosis or medical condition for yourself or a loved one, you may find yourself at the beginning of an intense quest for health information.

While your physician is usually the first source for information, his or her time is often limited and answers may only lead to more questions for you and your family.

Understanding your condition is the key to playing an active and important role in the healthcare decisions that affect you or your loved one. Personal medical research is the best way to access the information you need quickly. Trying to do research at a time of great stress and emotion can waste valuable time and produce questionable results.

The Search Is On

The diagnosis of a complex illness or serious medical condition is often the starting point for an intensive search for information. And that is often what patients end up with - information. The Internet, family and friends can provide a tremendous amount of information - good, bad, outdated, and complex. Patient Advantage provides something better - knowledge, understanding, and peace of mind - the things you and your loved ones need to take an active role in the course of treatment.

Time is precious, and that is why you need to call Patient Advantage first. Patient Advantage finds the right health information for you both quickly and accurately. The understanding gained through Patient Advantage's personal medical research comes from health information gathered in an objective environment, free from emotional and professional bias.

The Knowledge You Need

Patient Advantage fills the health information gaps and empowers patients to make informed decisions about their healthcare or the healthcare of a loved one. We do this by:

  • Conducting a personal interview with you to get the details of your diagnosis and the specific questions you have
  • Conducting professional research on your specific diagnosis
  • Compiling the information in an easy to read, easy to understand format that includes:
    • Anatomy and Physiology
    • Disease Process
    • Disease Causing Factors
    • Diagnosis
    • Risk Factors
    • Treatment & Prevention
    • Alternative Therapies
    • Prognosis
    • Complications
    • Specialists and Centers of Excellence
    • Current Research
    • Clinical Trials
    • Patient Resources - Support Groups, etc.

The completed report is delivered by a Nurse Advocate, who will review the content and answer any additional questions you may have.

Coping with Serious Illness

Patient Advantage, LLC is the only company that offers a service of providing a registered nurse to act as an advocate solely for the patient in connecting them to all segments of health care. This includes communication among hospitals, physicians, insurers and family members, as well as providing health care information and education.

Patient-Centered Health Care Information

Sometimes it is hard to learn all you need to learn in a short doctor’s visit. Doctors are especially busy these days. Did you ever feel that after you have gotten home from the doctor’s visit that there were so many more questions to ask?

You need health care information that is understandable.

Often it is difficult to understand all of the information that your doctor has given you. It takes time to process the information, especially if it is going to have a major impact on your life.

You need health care information that is complete.

Have you ever not asked your doctor a question because it was difficult to ask, or because you were afraid of the answer?

You need health care information that is timely.

Did you ever have to change a doctor’s appointment because a test result or report did not get to your physician in time?

How Can We Help?

Through our Nurse Advocate services, we can provide you with a trained professional to help you understand all of the aspects of your illness.

Our Nurse Advocates will meet with you and your family to discuss any issues or concerns you may have regarding your case. If you wish, our nurse can also accompany you to your physician and ask questions to help you gain important health information. The Nurse Advocate will listen carefully to your physician’s answers, take notes, and meet with you and your family after the visit to discuss what the physician is recommending and help you to follow through with those recommendations. The Nurse Advocate will help you set up appointments for testing, laboratory work, or referrals to other physicians, and will make sure your physician receives all test results in a timely fashion for your next visit.

Your Nurse Advocate Services Will Include:

  • Helping you communicate your questions with your physician
  • Helping you to understand your physician’s instructions
  • Helping to coordinate care by securing transportation, referral appointments, return appointments, and getting results to your physician in a timely manner
  • Helping to communicate the experience of those tests, appointments, consultation, and treatments to your physician
  • Helping to communicate the issues of the illness with the other members of the family, including those who are out of town
  • Helping to answer your questions concerning the nature of your illness
  • Directing e-mail inquiries to the physician if the physician offers such services

How It Works

Contact us by telephone, mail, e-mail, or fax. Give us some basic background information and permission to gather information concerning your case. Meet with our registered nurse to discuss your issues and questions. Let our nurse work with your physicians and health care facilities to learn all of the information that will be helpful to you. Let our nurse discuss all of the answers to your questions and issues with you. The cost of our service is billed hourly.

Call, fax or e-mail us your request. As soon as your request is received, we will start developing your personalized and comprehensive report in an organized, easy to read format. The cost of a single report is $295.00.

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