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Patient Advantage will impact the health care needs of your employees and their families, no matter how large your organization.



Patient Advantage has services specifically designed for consultants. More information coming soon.



Patient Advantage has services specifically designed for employees. More information coming soon.



Do you or a loved one have serious questions about a medical diagnosis?  


Patient Advantage, LLC | WNY

"It is our mission to empower people with information, engaging programs for better health, health guidance, patient advocacy, and compassion to help them seek the best outcome for their health issues and achieve the greatest health possible."

We have pursued this mission since 2003. Our success has consistently lowered the cost of health care for our clients.

  • Patient empowerment with health information
  • Provide a road map and guide to help navigate the health care system
  • Wellness programs
  • Disease management
  • Patient advocacy
  • Health Savings Account Counseling

Patient Advantage Services for Employers

  • Risk Stratification
  • Pro-active nurse reach out
  • Disease Management Education
  • Wellness/Fitness/Nutrition Programs
  • Work Safety/Risk Management Training
  • Worker's Compensation cost containment

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Patient Advantage Services for Individuals

  • Health Information Searches
  • Patient Advocacy
  • Health Coaching
  • Managing Health Savings Accounts

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Patient Advantage uses registered nurses as Nurse Advocates in a face to face model. Whether you are a person seeking help for yourself or your family, or an employer seeking cost reduction for health care costs of your employees, Patient Advantage’s Nurse Advocates will be able to help you get your needs met.

To learn more about how the Patient Advantage program can help your business, contact us.

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